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PV Solar - all you need to know about photovoltaic solar.

PV Solar

What is PV Solar?

Solar photovoltaic(PV) captures energy from the sun and then changes the suns' energy to electricity.

Technology of solar PV:

The PV cells consist of semi-conductor materials that are able to discharge electrons when it is exposed to solar radiation by using the photo-electric effect. The electrons from the numerous cells are collected collectively through the conductors to make up the production volume of one module and many modules. These can be coupled together to generate power in immense quantities.

Application of Solar PV:

Solar PV has an extensive variety of applications and is very adaptable and modular. The same technology can be used for a single solar panel used at a residential home or for a collection of solar panels generating on a big scale.

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How it works in detail:

PV Solar - Environmental Impact What environmental impact does solar PV have?

• The carbon output of a coal fired power plant will be reduced by 1.44lbs of   CO2, for each kWh produced.


   ✓ Maintaining a PV system is simple.
   ✓ Simplicity ensures reliability.

• Lower utility bills

The environmental impact of solar PV:

The power that is supplied by the PV is clean, cost effective and evenly distributed throughout the electrical appliances.

Solar PV internationally:

Solar PV is the fastest growing power production technology in the world. Between 2006 and 2009 the installed capacity globally increased by 60% per year. More than 35GW of solar PV's are being installed and commissioning worldwide, generating more than 30 terra-watt hours of solar power per year.

PV Solar - South Africa

Solar PV in South Africa:

Right now South Africa is set to become a huge market for solar power. This is not because of the programs from the government but from the increase of power prices. Solar PV has n bright future in South Africa.

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